Invasion of the voices 2015

One song as a global project on another level. The third generation of this project features voices from all over the world with a staggering number of 600 voices. This time you can hear voices from Jordan, Romania, Moldavia, Canada, United States, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Cyprus swell as the lead vocals by the german indie band "Anstatt Blumen". The duo, located now in Berlin, has also took the lead in the musical production that takes "Invasion der Stimmen 2015" to an electronica-alternative sphere.

Once again pupils from these eight different countries took their individual and creative approach to this song. Singing in german for the first time ever and making this a once in a lifetime experience. By singing and lending their voice for a good purpose, in this case the UNICEF school funding in Rwanda, every download helps the good cause.