Invasion of the voices 2013

Truely, a global project: Teenangers from Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Finnland, Turkey, Israel and Germany worked independently together on one song that is set to be released worlwide as digital download.
Over the last two years the "erfindenker", two musicians from Hamburg, have been recording the "Invasion der Stimmen" (invasion of the voices) with young german learners from all over Europe and the Middle East. Not only in the form of motivating workshops but also as a choir project at the EVA-Festival 2012 in Dresden or in the form of an orchestral arrangement at the PASCH-Musiccamp 2013 in Turkey. For the first time "Hamburg Sings", a mass-choir-event for all ages, has contributed to the Invasion der Stimmen. Anyone downloading this song is automatically helping a project of Schule fürs Leben e.V. Every single download helps! "Du willst Farben neu erleben, Du willst Grenzen überqueren, Du willst Deine Stimme beben lassen bis es jeder hört..." ("you want to experience new colours, you want to cross borders, you want to let your voice resound until everyone listens") describes best what "Invasion der Stimmen" stands for.
On the one side the workshop by the "erfindenker", which took place in schools, is made to help pupils discover their voice. During their recordings they get in touch with professional studio-recording equipment.
On the other side the song understands itself as a platform for intercultural dialogue.
If you’re looking for the "Star" you will realise that the star is the song. The voices of different heritage and colour are the star. Hundreds of teenage and adult voices united in one pop song. United voices that move and want to make a change because every voice counts and every download is a valuable contribution to the cause.
This international project has been supported and made possible by the Goethe Institut & ZfA.
The "erfindenker" are endorsed by Steinberg from Hamburg (musicsoftware), Trius Audio from Ibbenbüren (Audix microphones) and Yamaha Europe (studio equipment).