Invasion of the voices 2011

480 voices from 4 different countries united in one song sung in German.
The money generated by every download goes directly to the child care organization Stairway Foundation Inc. which supports Filipino Street-Children in completing their school education.
Every single download provides one more school day for a Philippinian child!

Based on workshops to promote the German language with music as its medium the Hamburg-located "erfindenker" composed and produced the song. They worked with schools from Iceland, Denmark and Ireland (in cooperation with the Goethe Institute Denmark and Ireland, as well the cultural society of Aarhus). The workshops in Germany were naturally more focused on the music-aspect and took place in Wolfsburg and Wedel (in cooperation with Autostadt Wolfsburg and "Landesverband der Musikschulen in Schleswig-Holstein e.V.).

The song is the star. The voices of different heritage and colour are the star.
Voices that move and that want to put something in motion.
The song as a platform for intercultural dialogue.
Every voice counts. Every download is a valuable contribution to the cause.

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